Kulagin Sergey - Photographer My hobby of photography begins from the distant 1991. Then my father gave me his FED-5, explained what the exposure, aperture, shutter speed and composition, as well as the purpose of each button and levers on the camera. I immediately found the like-minded people with whom we walked along the street in search of an interesting story, a beautiful frame and an unusual perspective. We shot the black and white film “Sfema”, and then, under the blanket, not to light the film, twisted the coil into a special tank for development. Burning with impatience to see as soon as possible what we had, we waited until the film appeared, then immediately looked through it at a bright source of light and selected the successful shots. Then the creative process of transferring the image to photographic paper began. Photoshop was not there then, but it did not hurt to dock different frames between each other, to impose masks and vignettes. So, gradually we formed photo albums, which we gladly showed to parents and to each other, and each time photos became better and better.

Kulagin Sergey - Photographer In the mid-90’s, compact cameras began to appear, which automatically set the required shooting parameters. All that was required of the photographer is to compose the picture and click on the button. Then it seemed to be a breakthrough in photographic equipment and something incredible, and a little later many people began to appear polaroid cameras, which not only exhibited the necessary parameters themselves, but also immediately printed out the photo! It was a little confusing to me, and by the end of the 90s I did not have a photo at all, because it took a lot of time and effort to prepare for the entrance exams to the institute. But the passion for photography has not faded in me ever. I looked through the works of other photographers, visited exhibitions, and read books on painting and composition. And a little fire of passion flared up stronger and stronger! I was terribly anxious to take a camera and completely surrender to creativity, but FED-5 at the time was something of an anachronism, and automatic “soapboxes” did not give any freedom in creativity. In the early 2000’s I bought myself the first digital camera. It was Olympus, I can not even remember the model – so long ago it was! Matrix in 2 (two) megapixels, by today’s standards – absolutely nothing, but then it was just fantastic! There were not many settings for the camera, so I hurried to change it to canon, which had all the parameters to be adjusted manually, and after a while changed it to a mirror camera with interchangeable lenses. Technique changes over time, and it certainly needs to be updated, but more important, I believe, to develop myself, constantly improve my skills and do not stop there.