Professional portrait for the model

A portrait is a special image that reveals not only the outer beauty of a person, but also his inner world. In one portrait one can see a flicker in the eyes, on the other – touching dimples, and the third will show that the person is sad. A professional photographer is able to catch all these moments and make a really high-quality photo, emphasizing the dignity of human nature. He knows what to take into account while shooting indoors and outdoors to get a beautiful and maximally natural image. And there are a lot of nuances, as you can see for yourself, having familiarized yourself with the features of the portrait shooting described in the text below.

Portrait of the model in the room: features

The portrait shot in the room differs from what was done on the street, since lighting plays an important role, the presence of various reflective surfaces and other factors. Nevertheless, indoors you can get very good pictures if you entrust this task to a professional photographer. After all, he knows how to compensate for the deficit of natural light, at what distance is the screen located to illuminate the darkened areas and what needs to be done to make the portrait natural and most attractive. For example, a photographer may ask the model to walk around the room in order to select the background most appropriately and provide appropriate lighting. Or suggest models to pose to determine how best to turn her head, place her hands and so on. With portraits on the street, things are a bit different, but the professional also knows what to do in this case.

Portrait of a model on the street: features

It is easier to shoot a portrait on the street for many experienced photographers than in a room, but this process also has certain features that must be taken into account. Among them:

  • Time of day and weather. If the sky is clear, the portrait is better obtained in the morning and evening, when the light gently dissipates and does not blind the eyes. In cloudy weather, shooting can be done during daylight hours
  • Location for shooting. The most impressive are portraits made on a beautiful background. To ensure it, you can go out with the photographer to the park, visit the historical places of the city or choose another place with an attractive panoramic view. If you want to make a business portrait, you can choose a place at the entrance to the office.

There are other nuances, such as the choice of optics, the definition of the angle, the height of the survey. Moreover, it is necessary to correctly build the interaction with the model. After all, a quality portrait without a trusting relationship between the photographer and the model is very difficult to obtain, since the portrayed object most often looks stiff. To prevent this from happening, it is better to turn to a professional in his field, able to find an approach to any model, regardless of her age and experience.

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